Our Story

It was happening nearly everyday. I would see an ad, an awful social media posting, the worst tv interview ever or a billboard completely covered by a tree and think, “What were they thinking?” One day it dawned on me, it’s because they are not in marketing or PR, they own a coffee shop, kids consignment store or a legal office. They are focused on being the best at what they do – making awesome coffee, selling cute kids clothes or preparing for their next courtroom appearance. And worse, what options does the small business owner have? Hire an employee, an expensive agency, attend every chamber lunch and learn?

I wanted to solve their problems.

Provide consulting services with no strings attached. Give you the secrets, the guidance to do it yourself. Tell you where you can find the tools to become empowered. We want to teach you how to recognize and develop your own story, one that will grab the attention of your potential customer and make you a better community partner.

So, I gathered a team of the best folks I have ever worked with to develop a consulting company that does just that. And business is… humming.

Krista Smith Rosado
Founder and CEO