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Marketing Consultation & Strategy

Strategically implemented marketing campaigns increase business, brand loyalty and awareness and revenue. We will give you the guidance to create simple, easy to execute marketing programs that target your potential customers, create a preferred image and strengthen your brand.

Public & Media Relations

Public and Media Relations is more than just telling the media what you are up to – it’s the art of finding your company’s’ compelling story or developing one yourself. Securing media coverage can dramatically impact the level of awareness and positive perception that your potential consumers feel toward your business.

Advertising and Media Buying

If through the planning process we uncover the potential for paid advertising, we can guide you in selecting the proper mediums and connect you with resources to develop campaigns that reach your target audience and provide creative resources and direction


  • National and local cable TV for the U.S. & Canada.

  • National and local broadcast TV for the U.S. & Canada.

  • Network integrations and sponsorships.


  • Network radio

  • Local radio

  • Sponsorships and endorsements


  • Print

  • Newspaper

  • Outdoor


  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Youtube


Branding is more than just logos and taglines. They are principles; the collective opinion of you is the potential consumer about your company. The foundation of a solid brand is built by balancing consistency, frequency and cleverness. We will help you develop your brand identity and a strategy to deliver it to your audience.

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